About Us

About Us

The education system of a New Earth

If you want to change the world, change education – Nelson Mandela

What do you think of when hearing the word ‘education?’ Especially in the Western world, we think of classrooms with rows of students, rules and possibly punishment, exams and a one size fits all approach.

Typically we are taught what to think, not how to think as sovereign, unique beings. We become conditioned through early life, not awakened. We are taught to use logic, do equations and to learn a biased history of war, over mindfulness, non-violent communication, how to respect nature’s resources, how to grow food, self-love.

We aim to activate each individual’s potential. We cultivate people to nourish themselves and the world around them, for the benefit of all, not the benefit of the few.

The New Earth School, a self-funded CIC (not-for-profit Community Interest Company) is a deep response to the major planetary events unfolding around us. Our desire is to make the world’s niche expertise on how to live more inspired, holistic, eco-regenerative lifestyles and create a new earth together, accessible to everyone.

We are a new education system concept, sounding the clarion call for what ‘education or learning’ must become, for us and future generations to live harmoniously and healthily on this beautiful planet together.

Education must now be synonymous with evolution – with cultivating creative, sovereign solutionaries.


We believe that creating a new earth requires three kinds of shifts in how we live.

One. An internal shift within each of us, in our attitudes, perspectives, habits.

Two. A shift in how we relate with one another, in our ways of communicating and collaborating.

Three. A shift in what we create in the world – what we build, how we work, how we interact with the environment.

Each dimension, from Self, to Relational, to Environmental, flows into the next, and grows in complexity whilst retaining coherent simplicity. It is this whole-systems, interconnected, inner to outer approach, that we believe will gradually, sustainably, create a new earth – one project at a time.

Through trusting in ourselves and making a courageous act of power to change the course and meaning of our lives, we are now part of the movement of people who are creating a new earth. Are you with us?


The vision for The New Earth School is therefore to be a new education system that inspires and activates new ways of living on Earth that result in the greater self-actualisation of the individual, healthier ways of relating, working, and living together, and regeneration of the Earth.

Whilst our initial approach is aimed at adults, our intention as the vision unfolds is for this new education system to embrace all age groups – as it must. We see this being passed from adults to teenagers and children, through schooling, home education, and rites of passage.

  • We envision awake, heart-centred, empowered, resilient people, who know their truth and are following their dreams.
  • We envision communities and teams of people collaborating on solutions and co-creating their visions.
  • We envision projects – local, regional, global and online, spreading knowledge, seeding regenerative action, and building new centres of living.
nature and community

Founding Team & Contributors

Our core team members all found each other through regenerative projects. In the beginning, Karen, the originator of the project vision, met Gabriel through working on a film together about ecovillages. Karen met Inge through a collaboration in the Global Ecovillage Network, and Karen met Daniela at a Deep Ecology Gathering in one of our Land Partners, Molino de Guadalmesi. New team members then continued to join us through the mycelial network of the regenerative movement.

Karen Aiyana Birch in nature

Karen Aiyana Birch

The Source, Content & Creative Lead

Karen’s background of twenty years is in transformational facilitation and program design. She began a regenerative facilitation academy, UnifiedCoherence, and has authored several books. She initiated the Global Ecovillage Network’s UK and Ireland bioregional branch, plus co-wrote and produced an award winning feature film portraying a bioregional ecovillage network timeline on Earth, The Blueprint.

Daniela Tablado

Program & Facilitation Lead

Daniela is a group facilitator of transformational workshops and a leadership for sustainability consultant. She is committed to bringing regenerative leadership into the work of systems change. She has a diverse & international background, HR and office manager in corporate settings and private teaching and tutoring. She thrives in multicultural settings.

Inge Kuijper

Learning Experience Lead

Inge cares deeply about our (dis)connection to nature. Following her user experience design career, she visited over 20 ‘new earth’ projects in Europe and Latin America. She studied ecovillage design, quantum botanicals, aromatherapy and more recently completed her MSc in Ethnobotany. Inge teaches about People and Plants and is inspired by new forms of education as a path for transformational change.

Michelle Dawes

Business & Finance Lead

Michelle has been a consultant in the Construction Industry for over 20 years; diversifying to support businesses achieve their potential through management consultancy, contractual support, dispute resolution and general coaching. Michelle is passionate about sustainability and is now leveraging her skills to support new paradigm organisations thrive.

Dustin Thompson

Marketing Lead

Dustin grew up farming in the rural midwest of the USA. Witnessing firsthand the negative effects of so-called conventional agriculture he was pushed to take a different path in life. Now with 20 years experience with UX design and marketing he seeks to turn his focus toward helping people reconnect with mother Earth.

Lineke Heus

Culture & Content

Lineke is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, coach and researcher. Her lifelong passion for self-development, spirituality, and holistic systems, have led her to her true life purpose: to defend the sacredness of life, and to co-create wholesome communities through rebalancing feminine & masculine principles.

Simon Confino

Culture & Conspirator

​​Simon founded We-Q, the Collaborative IntelligenceTeam App. He facilitates teams and organisations to significantly improve their ability to fulfil their purpose and to thrive. Having been an employee to Board Level, an Employer, Entrepreneur, and Organisational Psychologist, Simon’s gift is a deep understanding of optimal work cultures.

Mother Earth – Gaia

Grand Visionary

Great Spirit – Source

Grand Architect

Film Team

Gabriel McArtney

Director of Photography

Gabriel is a film producer, director, and editor with a particular passion and flair for creating content about personal awakening. He has a life-long background and interest in ecovillages, spiritual community, and the environment. Gabriel worked with Karen on The Blueprint film, and was the second founding member of The New Earth School team.

Adam Carroll

Filmmaker & Editor

Adam has been shooting, editing and directing films for over 25 years. He has travelled all over the world shooting. Film for him is not just an art form, it is a way to express and tell a story. Adam has been contributing his skills to The New Earth School, filming and editing masterclasses, as a way of participating in the movement of regenerative culture.

Paul Nyamekye

Filmmaker & Editor

Paul is an award-winning director and 250editor who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Film Production. His recent short films “Trust” and “Last Laugh” screened in over ten film festivals across three continents. Indeed, his knowledge and experience gained over the years always gives him confidence to approach every job with the sense of professionalism in focus.

Diego Ruiz Hidalgo

Filmmaker & Editor

Diego is a Spanish filmmaker who founded a project called The Great Relation, bringing light to individual, collective and environmental healing. Passionate about the marriage of ancient wisdom and modern research for the awakening of human consciousness and its potential to shift our current world situation, he is one of the TNES’ filmmaking contributors.

behind the scenes film production at West Lexham

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Our Team Culture

We believe that embodying the principles and practices of a new earth in our team culture is essential to us meeting the purpose and vision of The New Earth School.

Our visionary map for fulfilling the Mission in a way that best stands for the Purpose and Vision, is the following set of Values, which we strive to express on every level, as best as we can:

Stay Tuned In

Listen, live and act in natural, universal alignment

Respect Energies

Honour ours, others’ and nature’s diversity & the power of symbiosis

Embody the Vision

Live from one’s authentic heart, inspired truth, and purpose

Honour the Circle

Trust and respect the wisdom of balance, cycles, and wholeness

Create Beauty

Mimic nature in all we do to cultivate a beautiful New Earth

Meet some of Our Partners

Mac Macartney and Karen Aiyana Birch at Embercombe

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One of the key defining elements of the new paradigm we and many others are working to usher in, is collaboration and community…

Moving beyond a win-lose narrative, or individualised mentality.

As Simon Confino, one of our contributors, and masterclass expert puts it, moving from ‘me’ to ‘we.’

Please explore with us a win-win partnership, sponsor a specific masterclass shoot, or something else!