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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Help us create a New Earth

One of the key defining elements of the new paradigm we and many others are working to usher in, is collaboration and community – moving beyond a win-lose narrative, or individualised mentality. It’s time to boldly collaborate and innovate, for the benefit of a beautiful world for our next generations.

Would you like to support the emergence of regenerative culture as the solution to the world’s current trajectory, by partnering with us, sponsoring or funding us?
Below are some of the ways we can work together:

Aiming for Impact

Imagine tens to thousands of new changemakers who are resilient, skilled and confident in the key areas defined by leading consulting economists as being essential “responsible actions to the changes that are coming” (Chris Martenson, scientist and economist).

People who are:

  • Fully awake, authentic, empowered, connected, whole.
  • Actively involved in joining or starting regenerative projects.
  • Creating new ways of life for reduced dependance on fossil fuels and other unsustainble lifestyle choices, and rather increased community belonging and creation of own food supply.
  • Regenerative leaders, coaches, & facilitators guiding their communities, neighbourhoods, and networks in: Ecosystem Regeneration & Permaculture Community Repair, Team Skills & Culture Building, Wholistic Socio-Economic & Infrastructural Solutions.

Sponsor Us

Sponsor a set of Masterclasses

To reach our impact goals, we need to film masterclasses on varied, essential skills for creating new earth lifestyles and being part of a new regenerative culture. From making compost to healing team conflicts, there is much to teach! Is there a subject or expert you’d love to see on The New Earth School?

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Fund or Invest in us

We are looking for sponsors and investors who will become friends with The New Earth School, a valued part of the story. . . People who want a better world, who can bring an adaptable, innovative mindset.

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Corporate Mastermind Partnership

Ongoing partnerships, offering companies team membership plans with personalised expert masterminds and facilitated group work.

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Exclusive ‘Catalyst’ Retreat

Become a sponsor of our mission to catalyse a new earth, with our exclusive tailor-made face-to-face expert immersions. For professional teams and groups, face to face with a selection of the experts, we design a peak experience at a luxury eco-retreat using the whole integrative framework of the New Earth School.

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Host Us

The New Earth School needs a physical home, or a network of homes. We are looking to partner with land-based centres with shared values, e.g. an ecovillage, sustainable retreat venue, or to create something from scratch in a suitable property.

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Make an Impact with Us

Co-create our Greater Vision: Regenerative Centres of Practice

Help The New Earth School and other regenerative projects work together in a glocal headquarters…

How we’ll create a better world together

There are creatively-minded, heart-intelligent, eco-conscious people all over the world, finding solutions, willing to devote themselves to creating positive change to bring about a new paradigm of how we live on this planet. These are educators, thought leaders in social dynamics, economics and health, they are land regenerators, bioregional restoration mappers, regenerative farmers, facilitators in cultural change, green technology innovators, and more.

Regenerative agents – those with the solutions for our broken world – need to:
Be able to devote themselves fully to their regenerative purpose.
Be in the same physical space as many other regenerative agents, so that they can collaborate, develop ideas, plan together.
Be in spaces that allow them to embody, test out, develop, practice their solutions.

Do you have a property – an existing regenerative centre, educational retreat centre, ecovillage project – or wish to create such a space for this common purpose?

Ready to start learning, imagining, creating?
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Let’s create a new earth together, one project at a time.
Join the community, begin the path, learn, connect,
and help the movement to grow!

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