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Low Impact living, Food Systems, House & Village Design, Ecosystem Regeneration

The third dimension of evolution is our living environments. This includes our homes, living infrastructure, and most importantly the surrounding natural ecosystems they are situated in, both immediately, regionally and bioregionally. 

The disconnection in awareness and respect for the natural ecosystems we live within must be healed, for there to be a future in which humans can thrive. 

How the first two dimensions unfold in our living environments, is what defines our culture and lifestyles – whether they are regenerative, in support of an inspired future, or as they currently stand outside of ecovillages, transition towns, and tribal villages, are actively destroying our hopes for a beautiful human world on this planet. 

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Featured Masterclasses

Hans-Gunther Kern

Align with Nature’s Rhythms for Health

Hans-Günther shows how in addition to cosmic influences, plant consciousness – like human consciousness – is affected by annual cycles and rhythms. The annual cycle can be seen as Earth going through a breathing cycle.

Hans-Gunther Kern

Assess your Site like a Pro

Hans-Günther Kern celebrates that you have a new site to grow beautiful veg and fruit. But how do you assess the site to get the best from it?

Emilio Gilabert

Create Biodiverse Ecosystems: Fruit Tree Guilds

Emilio shows another simple yet powerful practice that regenerates and prepares the soil for seeding which is mulching – the focus of this masterclass. Soil, like skin, needs to be covered and protected from the sun.

Thomas Schorr-Kon

Discover Wild Edibles

Thomas asks what wild foods you are already eating. We are often eating a lot more wild edibles than we think. Examples are gum arabic, Irish moss and maple syrup.

Thomas Schorr-Kon

Increase Your Natural Flow State

Thomas teaches that how we step onto the Earth has an impact. Are we making each step a prayer? Or are we unconsciously stomping around?

Emilio Gilabert

Reverse Desertification through Fertilisation

Emilio shows how creating life in the context of desertification starts with soil regeneration and fertility. In this masterclass Emilio shows us how to work with depleted soil and prepare it for growing crops.

Meet some of the Environment Experts

Learn from a growing global community of change-makers, who are pioneering new ways of living on Earth, and want to help you do the same.

permaculture teacher

Emilio Gilabert

Reversing Desertification with Permaculture

Hans Gunther Kern

Food for the Soul: Biodynamic Gardening

Thomas Schorr Kon

Rewilding Ourselves within the Natural World

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