Thomas Schorr-Kon

Meet Thomas Schorr-Kon

His New Earth Story

In 1994 Thomas went to study Survival skills in America with the renowned Medicine Tracker Tom Brown Jr. This changed the direction of his life, feeling for the first time like wherever he stood on the Earth was his home.

Leaving the inner city, he moved to Dartmoor in Devon, and started to become an English native. Soon after he started his school ‘Trackways’, the first to teach nature connection skills in the UK, and still the only school teaching survival skills and shamanism.

His Work

Thomas has taught nature connection skills to thousands of students in many countries through his school Trackways. He is the author of two books and is currently writing two more. Recently Thomas was instrumental in setting up a regenerative farm, the first of his recent project ‘Generation Regeneration’. The intention is to set up a network of such farms across the country. It has been designed to regenerate and re-wild the land while also creating a healing space for our struggling youth, incorporating nature connection for mental health and rites of passage work.

The Masterclass Series

Rewilding Ourselves within the Natural World

Creating a New Earth together requires us to change our relationship with the natural world around us, and our understanding of what it is to be a human.

When we start to ask skillful questions, and to really perceive what is going on around us in the natural environment, we amplify the possibility for ancient, and natural, wisdom to grow within us.

Working with the healing properties of plants and trees, can additionally empower you in your relationship with yourself, with others and the environment around you.

With his authentic way of speaking and beautiful storytelling, Thomas takes you on a heartening journey, where you will gain new insights and skills that will help restore the forgotten wildness of your humanity.

Thomas Schorr-Kon


  1. Meet Thomas
  2. Connect with Nature through Bird Language
  3. Move in Tune with the Natural Environment
  4. Increase Your Natural Flow State
  5. Build your Connection with Nature through Herbal Medicine
  6. Discover Wild Edibles
  7. Develop the Art of Wild Harvesting
  8. Discover Tree Medicine: The Oak
  9. Discover Tree Medicine: The Pine
  10. Discover Tree Medicine: The Birch
  11. Discover Tree Medicine: The Hawthorn
  12. Connect with the Natural Environment: Tracking (One)
  13. Connect with the Natural Environment: Tracking (Two)
  14. Connect with the Natural Environment: Tracking (Three)
  15. Connect with the Natural Environment: Tracking (Four)

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