Emilio Gilabert

Meet Emilio Gilabert

His New Earth Story

Emilio’s close connection with nature started while sport climbing. As he spent time in the mountains and living a simpler lifestyle, he realised how happy he was living close to the land with few belongings. This subsequently led him to explore the origins of the food on his plate. And so he moved to the countryside and started working with an organic agriculture project. Some years of an inward journey followed, during which Emilio connected with spirituality, yoga and buddhism – practices he integrates in his daily life. Emilio’s path is one of letting go of things and getting closer to the land.

His Work

Emilio followed a deep inner calling. He trained as a yoga teacher in India and started combining his work with the land with organising meditation retreats. Back in Spain, he co-founded Terra Sukha: a Permaculture & Retreat Center. Here he offered a holistic blend of organic agriculture with meditation retreats, a sustainable lifestyle, yoga and therapy.

Emilio now manages the Danyadara permaculture project, which is connected to Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia. Here he commits himself to reversing desertification and helping the land to flourish once more, for the benefit of all living things.

The Masterclass Series

Reversing Desertification with Permaculture

Emilio manages the Danyadara (‘Blessed Earth’) permaculture project in Andalusia, Spain. Danyadara’s mission is to reverse desertification, using permaculture principles, and sustainable land management.

In this Masterclass Series, Emilio invites you to create a New Earth together, through the principles of permaculture. He shows us how to regenerate depleted soil, restore fertility and create life, using local and affordable techniques such as: decompacting compacted soil, using green manure, composting, and mulching.

Other permaculture wisdom you will attain includes: agroforestry, plant communities, seed production, growing crops, and medicinal plants.



  1. Meet Emilio
  2. Discover Danyadara Permaculture Farm
  3. Reverse Desertification through Fertilisation
  4. Regenerate the Soil for Seed
  5. Help Life to Thrive with ‘Lazy Compost’
  6. Protect the Soil with Mulching
  7. Cultivate Life with Green Manure
  8. Regenerate the Soil by Mimicking the Forest
  9. Create Biodiverse Ecosystems: Agroforestry
  10. Create Biodiverse Ecosystems: Fruit Tree Guilds
  11. Make a Medicinal Salad with Edible Flowers
  12. Prepare Seed Trays for Thriving Seedlings
  13. Be in Service to Seed Conservation for Future Life

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