Hans-Günther Kern

Meet Hans-Günther Kern

His New Earth Story

Hans-Günther is an international lecturer, course leader, consultant and project manager in the bio-dynamic approach to agricultural and community development. He began the Wholistic Living Community initiative as part of creating the New Earth. He is part of a group of people who believe we are custodians, visitors on this Earth and need to take full responsibility for the healing of the soils, natural and cultural, cultivated environments. 

His Work

Hans-Günther has been instrumental to setting up multiple bio-dynamic working groups and Community Supported Agriculture projects in 6 countries on two continents over the last 42 years. He has inspired thousands of backyard gardeners, growers and producers with his enthusiasm, wisdom and life-time experience in bio-dynamic agriculture and land-based community development.

The Masterclass Series

Food for the Soul: Biodynamic Gardening

Let Hans-Günther take you on a journey into the realms of Biodynamic Gardening – and discover powerful dynamics through which micro and macro-cosmic influences affect your body and soul through the plants you eat.  

By integrating food production within the entire organism that is the Universe, we enter into a relationship with the cosmos, each other, and the Earth. 

In addition to cosmic influences on food production, Hans-Günther introduces you to the basics of working with the soil, compost, biodynamic preparations, sowing and planting. He concludes this enriching learning journey with a site assessment with the elements: air, water, and fire. 

Have fun experimenting, and enter into a rhythmic relationship with the environment once again.

Hans-Gunther Kern


  1. Meet Hans-Günther
  2. Enrich your Body and Soul with Biodynamics
  3. Live in Attunement with the Universe
  4. Align with Nature’s Rhythms for Health
  5. Grow Thriving Plants with the Moon
  6. Understand Plant to Human Healing
  7. Make High-Quality Compost
  8. Embrace Compost as Life
  9. Use the Right Tools
  10. Become a Master of the Hoe
  11. Know your Soil Types
  12. Prepare for your Seed Sowing
  13. Transplant Wisely
  14. Be a Master Seed Sower
  15. Assess your Site like a Pro
  16. Understand the Water Element
  17. Understand the Air Element
  18. Understand the Fire Element

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