Karen Aiyana Birch

Meet Karen Aiyana Birch

Her New Earth Story

Karen’s new earth story began with her deep love for nature, which led to grief at how the man-made world was harming the Earth. In 2012, Karen’s yearning for uninterrupted connection with only Spirit and Gaia, led her to spend extended periods from spring to autumn wild camping alone in the forests of Surrey and Sussex, UK. In her meditative communion state, she received a vision of regenerative agents collaborating on solutions within eco-communities, and knew she had a role in co-creating this future – a mission she has been on ever since. Deeply connected to the spiritual realms, her life has been a journey of initiations in the traditions of mystery school high alchemy.

Her Work

A natural catalyst, Karen specialises in creating sacred containers for people to deepen into the magical realms. She has been a transformational program designer, facilitator, therapist, trainer, and healer, for nearly twenty years. She led a professional regenerative coaching and facilitation course, and created a Coherence Model for community building. Karen initiated the Global Ecovillage Network’s UK branch, and in 2020, co-wrote and co-produced an award-winning feature film about enlightened eco-community: The Blueprint. Her signature offerings are two transformational programs: The Mastery Keys and Blueprint Activation. She has also authored several books. Karen is the originator and creative source of The New Earth School.

The Masterclass Series

New Earth Ways of Living and Becoming

Creating a New Earth together requires deep inner shifts. In this Masterclass Series you are invited to make space for powerful questions: 

What is a New Earth? What does genuine connection with nature look like? What is my true self and how does this translate into purpose? Am I living in balance? If not, how can I restore it? What is the mental programming that rules my life and how can I shift it towards a life I dream of? 

What are the tools that can support me to live in coherence and alignment with a new earth lifestyle? What are the qualities of a new earth culture and how to create new earth cultures? 

Karen brings clarity, spaciousness and inspiration to all these questions, offering us transformational tools and perspectives.

Karen Aiyana Birch


  1. Meet Karen
  2. Become a Human of the New Earth
  3. Free Your Innate Blueprint
  4. Create Balance for a Healthy Inner Ecosystem
  5. Deprogram from the Old Paradigm
  6. Design your New Earth Lifestyle
  7. Facilitate a Coherent New Earth Culture
  8. Create a Culture of Natural Wisdom
  9. Evolve with the ‘New Earth Ways’

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