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Our New Earth Land Partners

Unique centres of practice

Many masterclasses are filmed at our partner land-based projects, which are educational centres, eco-villages, and sustainability event venues that share The New Earth School’s vision.

In this way we hope to encourage greater participation from local communities and networks to gather together around such projects, for deeper learning and to cultivate the life force of the project. We also hope to catalyse greater inspiration for our members, helping to cast a vision of what is possible, for the seeding of more regenerative projects on the ground.

We aim to create collaborative synergies with all our partners, for instance in the co-creation of transformative events and learning experiences.

United Kingdom


Devon, United Kingdom

For over 20 years Embercombe has run programmes, camps and events, close to the land and in the simplicity of nature.
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West Lexham

Norfolk, United Kingdom

West Lexham is a rural retreat venue with accommodation in heritage buildings, its treehouses are set in fantastic gardens.
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Molino de Guadalmesi

Andalusia, Spain

Molino de Guadalmesi is a space for learning how to live in community in a simple, artistic, sustainable way.
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Andalusia, Spain

Danyadara is a non profit project working towards adapting to the desertification process of the farmland.
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Liminal Village

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Liminal Village is a co-living and co-creation eco-tech hub in the center of Italy. Acting as an incubator, temporary communities are formed.
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Could you be a masterclass expert?

If you have unique expertise and experience that offer a valuable piece of the puzzle in how we create new ways of living in support of a new earth, are an experienced facilitator / speaker, and have a strong participation in the regenerative world, then please fill out our brief form and we look forward to connecting!

Meet our Experts

All of our experts are educational leaders with unique expertise and inspiring ‘New Earth’ stories, i.e. they are actively involved with regenerative projects, experimenting with new ways of living that restore and connect people, nature, and place, or blazing a unique purpose-led path to support changemakers who are. 

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