West Lexham

West Lexham

Norfolk, United Kingdom

Who they are

West Lexham is a rural retreat venue with accommodation in heritage buildings. Its treehouses are set in fantastic gardens with flowing natural waters and woods. It is a healing and creative space with powerful natural healing energies. 

Our vision is one of living and learning together. It is not so much a business as a family home opened up for those who share our passions. A place for contemplation, appreciation and transformation for any who seek it. We want to unite a community of change-makers with ambitious dreams of a better life on this planet.

Using regenerative practices and focusing on sustainable retreats that benefit your mental wellbeing are just some of the ways we incorporate our vision into everyday life here at West Lexham.

Our facilities include the first ever treehouse in the UK that you could book. We aim to inspire and nurture our guests, and hope that they leave feeling warm inside, and so the benefits might ripple out into the wider world.

What they offer

You can experience West Lexham as part of a retreat, off-site for your organisation or project, or to simply take a break.

Holidays: we have treehouses, cabins and bell tents to come and stay in. You can lie on the lawns, swim and boat on the lake, or in the natural pool. We have our own biodynamic vegetable gardens to explore and eat from in the café. We will soon be opening a library for relaxation and learning.

Retreats: we hire out four gathering spaces complete with accommodation for retreat leaders. We support them by cooking seasonal food grown from the biodynamic garden and offer experiences such as gong baths. The energies and amazing nature here make it a transformational place. You can join a retreat by contacting the retreat leaders.

Business & Charity off-sites: our spaces and accommodation are hireable for team building. You can do your own thing or we can help organise special facilitation and experiences.

The experience: we hope that you can slow down, go inside, connect with the flow of life, and enquire into how we all might do things differently.

corporate retreat at West Lexham

The Masterclass Series

Food for the Soul: Biodynamic Gardening

Let Hans-Günther take you on a journey into the realms of Biodynamic Gardening – and discover powerful dynamics through which micro and macro-cosmic influences affect your body and soul through the plants you eat.

By integrating food production within the entire organism that is the Universe, we enter into a relationship with the cosmos, each other, and the Earth.

In addition to cosmic influences on food production, Hans-Günther introduces you to the basics of working with the soil, compost, biodynamic preparations, sowing and planting. He concludes this enriching learning journey with a site assessment with the elements: air, water, and fire.

Have fun experimenting, and enter into a rhythmic relationship with the environment once again.

Hans-Gunther Kern


  1. Meet Hans-Günther
  2. Enrich your Body and Soul with Biodynamics
  3. Live in Attunement with the Universe
  4. Align with Nature’s Rhythms for Health
  5. Grow Thriving Plants with the Moon
  6. Understand Plant to Human Healing
  7. Make High-Quality Compost
  8. Embrace Compost as Life
  9. Use the Right Tools
  10. Become a Master of the Hoe
  11. Know your Soil Types
  12. Prepare for your Seed Sowing
  13. Transplant Wisely
  14. Be a Master Seed Sower
  15. Assess your Site like a Pro
  16. Understand the Water Element
  17. Understand the Air Element
  18. Understand the Fire Element

More Masterclasses at West Lexham

Johnny Azpilicueta

Building Community with Living Systems Principles

Johnny Azpilicueta guides you in developing an in-depth understanding of the social dynamics underpinning community life.


Reversing Desertification with Permaculture

Emilio Gilabert shows us how to regenerate depleted soil, restore fertility and create life, using local and affordable permaculture techniques.

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