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Create a new earth
through living your most inspired life

Step into the New Earth now:

Let’s create a new earth together, one project at a time. Join the community, begin the path, learn, connect, and collaborate with us!

Every team member, collaborator, and expert, are collectively holding the vision of a new earth.

This is a not-for-profit organisation, in service to a better world, and a new paradigm where people help each other, collaborate and share resources fairly, in trust, love, and integrity.

We offer two exciting membership levels to choose from, and like any healthy ecosystem, there must a circular, win-win value exchange.

Pollinate Membership

Watch all masterclasses and connect within the community.

Pathway Membership

Masterclasses, community, plus: The New Earth Pathway Program, a facilitated 6 month journey, with live expert & community sessions

In standing for a new paradigm, we have chosen to experiment in offering our Pollinate Membership through a regenerative, resource-based economy model. This means we trust you to find the right value exchange, which opens the possibility to rebalance socio-economic inequality, plus the opportunity for sponsorships towards our mission.

Upon launch, the Pollinate Membership offers 12 Masterclass Series,’ which translates to a ‘curriculum’ of 1-2 years if practiced with dedication. We warmly invite you to deeply consider the value of what these evolutionary skills will bring to your life, and what you would normally exchange for a transformational workshop, educational course, or monthly gym membership!

The Pathway Membership, our intensive 6 month program, is for now, offered on a fixed sliding scale.

Your Dream is our Mission

We have massively overstepped the earth’s natural boundaries, socio-economic systems are in collapse, whilst levels of human stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, and physical illness are accelerating.

You know in your heart that life could be different. You dream of a world of fairness and equality. You yearn to live in a society of healing and sovereignty, where you are safe to be yourself. You want to live in a world where the survival of your future generations is guaranteed, where the soil is rich and the rivers are pure.

You long to be freed from the need to make money in order to live. You long to share your true gifts with the world. You can imagine living in beauty, with nature and people in harmony.

Collaborating for a more beautiful world

Our dream is to sustainably provide new masterclass content on a regular basis to share the expertise of changemakers from around the world, and help you acquire the skills and empowerment to become one of them!

Did you know? Each series of masterclasses can cost €4000, and takes three weeks of work – from pre-production to the finished product on the website, where they’re able to spread new ways of living for a new earth.

Just imagine a culturally diverse global community of new earth leaders & facilitators who are resilient, skilled and making a huge impact in areas defined by leading consulting economists as being essential actions to the changes ahead of us, e.g. community building and self-sufficiency.

Pollinate Membership

Lets create a win-win, trust-based world

We can only do this together, by learning to trust one another, help each other, and share our gifts and capacities.

We invite you to define what value you can give back for what you will receive from becoming a member. For anyone without financial resource we are open to other forms of exchange so that you can maintain the circle of value.

Join our Pollinate Membership today and start watching masterclasses by experts in their field. Introduce yourself in the community and start connecting with other changemakers!

Financial Contribution

Give back directly

Set your value for the Masterclasses and support their ongoing creation

Time and Skills

Contribute to the Team

Offer another type of value exchange through useful time and skills

eco office, room with plants and laptop

Material Resources

Get creative with collaboration

Lend or donate material resources, like workspace, film equipment or tech.

river admist lush tropical forest

Dive into our
Pollinate Membership today

Let’s create a new earth together, one project at a time.
Join the community, begin the path, learn, connect, and help the movement to grow!

  • Reskill with expert quality step-by-step, self-paced masterclasses
  • Connect with a community of changemakers near you & globally
  • Transform with a facilitated journey to discover your New Earth Pathway
  • Learn from a community of experts who share your dreams & challenges

Or join our
Pathway Membership

The New Earth Pathway,
a 6-month Journey

  • Gain skills, transformation, & confidence, in each of the three major dimensions of Self, Relational, Environmental.
  • Dive deep with your new community, in facilitated weekends, Vision Circles, Expert Expeditions and more.
  • Discover who you’re meant to become, your true gift \& purpose you’re here to bring, as an agent of a new earth.
  • Make an impact as you start or deepen your path as a changemaker and representative of a regenerative culture.

Our Pathway Membership includes access to all masterclasses and community platform.

Our experts welcome you

Johnny Azpilicueta

Community Culture

“I welcome everyone, such that we will together reach a tipping point of consciousness soon, to transcend the old paradigm and create a thriving New Earth!” 

Garra rrana

Self Realisation

“Let’s be honest with ourselves and each other and facing the truth. Let’s be brave together, care for each other, play, inspire each other and lift each other up.”

Mac Macartney

Self Leadership

“If the idea of The New Earth School touches you, if you feel called to explore further, if you are intrigued and sense that we might accompany your journey, this outstretched hand is yours to clasp.” 

Anne-Chloe Destremau

Self Leadership

“The New Earth School is amongst the richest soils for collaborative creation among cultural edgeworkers. Welcome to your evolutionary playground!” 

Jayaraja Mindful Communication


Relational Dynamics

“Welcome to the New Earth School. I hope the resources offered here nourish and inspire you, it was certainly a delight to be involved.”