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Relational Dynamics, Collaborative Skills, Community Culture, Economic Systems

The second dimension of evolution is how we relate with others. This applies most directly with our 1:1 relationships and within teams and communities. Yet it also includes the whole socio-economic system, which was created and is sustained by the interactions between human beings. 

How conscious and skilled we are at navigating human relating, has a massive impact, not only on how fulfilling and true the personal path we’re walking is, but also on the shape of our environments and ways of living.  

New Masterclasses

Anne Chloe Profile

Use Torus Technology to Evolve your Gameworlds

Anne-Chloé shares about meeting and decision making technology for Gaian Gameworlds, called Torus Technology, which allows the game and each individual in the game, to breathe and to evolve.

Jayaraja Mindful Communication

Use Conflict to Create Unity

Jayaraja asks if you are someone who tends to judge, or avoid conflict. This class continues to build on your ability to translate judgements into needs, and explains why ‘learning to do conflict well’ is an essential New Earth skill.

Anne Chloe Profile

Use Anger as an Effective Change-Maker

Anne-Chloé focuses on the beneficial qualities of anger and on how New Earth, the next culture, Archiarchy, needs men and women who have gone through an archetypal initiation to feel emotions consciously. 

Simon Confino

Unveil Your True Purpose

Simon asks whether you know your true purpose? In this class Simon explores the idea that we live in an intelligent universe that wants us to bring healing into it, to enable evolution to occur. He helps you reflect on how we can tune into what the world needs from you.

Johnny Azpilicueta

Understand Gift Economy: Synergistic Value

Johnny builds on the premise that the right kind of relationships are at the heart of Gift Economies. Recognizing destructive, extractive and synergistic relationships is an essential New Earth skill.

Johnny Azpilicueta

Understand Gift Economy: Relationships

Johnny teaches that a flourishing New Earth Gift Economy is driven by smart relationship design, which facilitates valuable Gift exchanges. A key aspect of Gift Economies is finding the place(s) where you can really contribute your unique Gifts.

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Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry

Indigenous Ways of Societal Healing

Simon Confino, We-Q

Simon Confino

From i-Q to We-Q: Helping Groups Thrive

Anne Chloe Profile

Anne-Chloe Destremau

Initiatory Processes for Evolution

Johnny Azpilicueta

Building Community with Living Systems Principles

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