Simon Confino

Meet Simon Confino

His New Earth Story

Being the son of war refugees, Simon’s New Earth story begins with the yearning he felt listening to his parents stories of family and community life in their home lands. As well as the loss and dislocation they felt in England. This sparked Simon’s thirst for community life.

A thirst that has led him to live at agrarian kibbutz and co-housing projects, and devote himself to community building. The enormity of the climate crisis, the destruction of the natural world, and the rising tide of psychological stress in modern societies is undeniable. Simon’s core message is therefore, that there’s no other way than to shift from Me to We!

His Work

During the course of his long career in business and consulting, Simon focused on the psychological health and effectiveness of teams and organisational cultures. He coaches leaders and teams in a wide range of businesses and organisations worldwide.

Simon founded We-Q, the collaborative intelligence company which helps teams to rapidly build psychological safety, enabling teams to fulfil their purpose, make quantum leaps in innovation and thrive. In addition, he supports several New Earth and community initiatives.

The Masterclass Series

From i-Q to We-Q: Helping Groups Thrive

There is an African saying: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.’ Simon believes in the extraordinary potential of people to build a New Earth. In this masterclass series, he shares insights on how to facilitate your tribe’s ‘Collaborative Intelligence.’

Whatever you are trying to achieve, the greatest accelerator or decelerator to you achieving results, is the culture you create between people. Get the messy business of human dynamics right and the rest will flow. Simon is dedicated to supporting you to do just that.

In these Masterclasses you will learn the principles, processes and techniques to optimise the collective wisdom, and action-ability of any group you work with. 

Simon is an organisational psychologist, group facilitator, coach and writer on Collaborative Intelligence. He is Founder of We-Q Collaborative Intelligence and a passionate advocate of collective human potential and community living.

Using common sense models and practices, you will learn how to leverage your ability to get the best out of any group, team, or community.

Simon Confino


  1. Meet Simon
  2. Expand Your Intelligence
  3. Unveil Your True Purpose
  4. Build Collaborative Trust for Greater Performance
  5. Deepen Your Levels of Listening
  6. Transform Triggers for Conscious Relating
  7. Improve Teamwork with ‘Me, Us, and It.’
  8. Release Hidden Group Dynamics
  9. Create Powerful Decision Making Processes
  10. Transform the Process of Feedback
  11. Final Thoughts
  12. Practise Authentic Relating – Demonstration

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