Anne-Chloé Destremau

Anne-Chloe Destremau

Meet Anne-Chloé Destremau

Her New Earth Story

Anne-Chloé’s New Earth Story began on her first day at work, as a newly graduated lawyer, when she realised: “if this is life as an adult, I do not want to live like an adult.” She quit her job and spent two years in a self-discovery transformational journey. She is now a Bridge-Builder to the next culture, Archiarchy.

Anne-Chloé calls those who see possibilities, where others only see fears and limitations, to step up. She courageously shows the way on how to be an effective changemaker, unbothered by authorities and misaligned systems. The New Earth path is paved with unknowns, and Anne-Chloé urges innovative spirits to unleash themself. Because from here on, invention is the way forward. And liberating New Earth inventors is what she loves doing most of all.

Her Work

Anne-Chloé is a leading trainer at Possibility Management, an international personal development organisation that catalyses quantum shifts in our personal mindsets, relationships, and lives. Her classes encompass exercises and experiments from the workshops she runs with PM founder, Clinton Callahan. 
A memetic engineer working in Gaia’s global laboratory, Anne-Chloé offers free access to 600 interlinked thoughtware-upgrade websites with transformational experiments (links below). She trains Spaceholders for online and offline Rage Clubs and Fear Clubs, provides  extraordinary ‘Wow!’ experiences during Expand The Box trainings, and facilitates adulthood initiatory processes during Possibility Labs worldwide.

The Masterclass Series

Initiatory Processes for the Possibility of Evolution

In this Masterclass Series, Anne-Chloé brings clarity to the grievances of current modern culture. She leads us through possibilities of evolution from an individual, relational and planetary perspective, offering tools for us to live our full potential.

On an individual level, it is necessary to take full responsibility for our state of being, to gain new distinctions, become friends with our emotions, heal from past wounds, and own our path. This is part of adulthood initiation, which in modern culture is missing and for which Anne-Chloé offers a path of evolution. 

A new culture is emerging – ArchiArchy, New Earth – from individuals following their path of evolution. In the context of this new culture, the space of possibility in the context of relationship is opened. Relationships, relating, and intimacy, may reach greater capacity and awareness. 

From adult and archetypal intimacy levels, Gaian Game Worlds can be created. They are consciousness in action that serve Gaia, the New Earth. We are all called to create our own Gaian Game Worlds, as well as to participate and collaborate in existing ones. 

These Masterclasses were filmed in Mafra, Portugal, in the Values University. They stand for a new model of Holistic Education of the individual in harmony with Nature, towards new global paradigms of living.

Anne-Chloé Destremau


  1. Meet Anne-Chloé
  2. Open to Infinite Possibility
  3. Embrace the Transformational Liquid State
  4. Heal through Emotional Completion
  5. Raise your Game with Responsibility
  6. ‘Expand the Box’ to Access Your Power
  7. Create Emotional Clarity
  8. Reach your Potential, by Healing Your Ego States
  9. Open the Space for Evolutionary Relationships
  10. Create more Possibility with Adult Intimacy Offers
  11. Build your Path of Evolution
  12. Use Anger as an Effective Change-Maker
  13. Start Creating Gaian Gameworlds
  14. Use Torus Technology to Evolve your Gameworlds

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