Garra rrana

Meet Garra rrana

Her New Earth Story

Garra rrana symbolizes the Blue Dragonfly/the power of transformation and self realisation. Obia Uma / Nana Garra rrana is a descendant of the indigenous people of Surinam; natural healer, singer, creative artist and mother of four children. Being in service to inspire, remember and support those whom have forgotten who they are and where they came from, Garra rrana is guiding them back home and offering them tools and remembrance to take back the leadership of one’s own life.

Her Work

Garra rrana is walking the songlines of her African Ancestors and their spirits. They have passed on their ancient rituals, wisdom and knowledge to her. With her Grandmother as her guide she is working with traditional medicine plants. Garra rrana is sharing these gifts, combined with her life experiences, different healing skills and teachings of nature. Building a bridge to reconnect others with their Ancestors, spirits and bringing awareness to the power of nature and its teachings. She will guide you in remembering how to communicate and listen. All sharings are through the experience of rituals, ceremonies, dance, music and the channeled songs. Opening the way to the heart and resonate the messages from the spirits, to awaken and enlight the heart ~ leading you to deeper listening so you can feel your own truth.

The Masterclass Series

Living in Sacredness, with Ceremonial Practices

Garra rrana (Blue Dragonfly) guides you back to your divine essence, so you can remember your own unique mission for this life, and for the New Earth we wish to create together. 

Her Masterclass Series is a powerful initiation into deeply sacred, ancient practices, rituals and tools, passed on to her by a long lineage of African ancestors. 

You’ll learn how to prepare for ceremonies, through the use of sacred spaces, tools, altars, and libations. In addition, you’ll be introduced to rituals, meditations, prayers and affirmations, so you’ll be ready to hold your own ceremonies, guided and protected by your ancestors.


Garra Rrana


  1. Meet Garra rrana
  2. Prepare a Sacred Space for Ceremony
  3. Create an Altar for Ceremonial Practice
  4. Gather your Sacred Tools: the Bullroarer
  5. Gather your Sacred Tools: Create your Own
  6. Build on the Work of Your Ancestors
  7. Clear the Channel for Prayer: a Guided Meditation
  8. Enter a Powerful Prayer Space
  9. Connect through Affirmation
  10. Manifest your most Inspired New Earth Life
  11. Create a New Earth with Gratitude
  12. Adopt the Power of the Libation Ritual
  13. Explore Ritual: a Demonstration

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