Thea May

Meet Thea May

Her New Earth Story

Thea grew up full of frustration and inhibition around expressing her true voice, like many of us, if not all of us. She met her professional partner Edyth nearly ten years ago. Longing to liberate herself and others, they began their mission.

Thea wants to help create a world in which we can lead change and forge healthy communities with people who are both different and the same. In which humans, and other-than-human beings, can articulate needs, boundaries, and dreams. In which speaking and writing are decolonized. And all can weave their communication gifts into the living tapestry of the wider world.

Her Work

Thea May is the speaking guide for the new wave of soulful and inspiring communicators. She founded ‘Working With Voice’ in 2012, and created a unique approach to get you into your speaking-flow-state, deeply connected to your whole self and your vision for a thriving life and future for all.

Thea is the co-creator of the Voice For Life Method – the first and only communication coaching that works with your whole being. She is committed to shifting communication norms to be in line with, ethical, soul-led, and vibrant communication in every area of your life and work.

The Masterclass Series

The Power of Voice to Catalyse Change

In this Masterclass Series, you will learn how to work with your voice to bring about shifts towards creating a New Earth, how to inspire action, and pave the way for personal transformation and systemic change.

Speaking coach & communication guide Thea May, shares this valuable body of work, created together with her collaborator Edith Friesen, author and attuned writing guide.

In this Masterclass Series, Thea will take you on a journey where you will learn how to tap into the magic of speaking. You will learn how to communicate effectively about your purpose through your own unique speaking technique, by tapping into your communication flow state using the four Catalytic Languages.

Thea May


  1. Meet Thea
  2. Deliver Your Message Powerfully in the World
  3. Connect to Your Living Purpose
  4. Awaken Your Flowstate with the Three Breath Practice
  5. Make an Impact with Catalytic Languages
  6. Catalyse Change: Embodying
  7. Catalyse Change: Ensouling
  8. Catalyse Change: Envisioning
  9. Catalyse Change: Enfolding
  10. Practise the Three W’s

Connect with Thea

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Reversing Desertification with Permaculture

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Garra Rrana

Living in Sacredness with Ceremonial Practices

Garra rrana infuses the gifts passed on to her by her ancestors with her life experience and light work. Guided by her grandmothers from Suriname and her connection with spirits, Garra rrana created tools and techniques based on ancient rituals.

Hans-Günther Kern

Food for the Soul: Biodynamic Gardening

Hans-Günther has been instrumental to setting up biodynamic working groups and Community Supported Agriculture projects in 6 countries on 2 continents. He has inspired thousands with his enthusiasm, wisdom and life-time of experience.