Mac Macartney

Meet Mac Macartney

His New Earth Story

Mac has explored many paths, some unwisely, some with discernment, all with enthusiasm, vigour, and persistence. As a young child he fell deeply in love with our Mother Earth and since that time has endeavoured to listen to the guiding dreams, visions, and experiences that have been made available to him.

There is something to be said for enduring teachers that have proved themselves unable to live as they teach, if, and it’s a big if, the person then takes up the challenge of authenticity, integrity, and courage, then all kinds of good things become possible. Imperfect as he undoubtedly is, Mac carries this torch.

His Work

Mac is an international speaker, writer, mentor, and change-maker. He is the founder of Embercombe (UK), a centre which seeks to explore and promote the profound regeneration of land, society, and people. In recent years Mac’s work has been primarily focused towards a deep mentoring journey called Kith & Kin.

Recent speaking engagements include, RFK (Robert Kennedy) Human Rights Business Summit, Boomtown Festival, Medicine Festival, Accenture, and COP 26, amongst many others. Mac currently sits on the board of The Climate School (Kite Insights Ltd), and is a council member of Sarsen (Awareness to Conscious Action).

The Masterclass Series

Wisdom Tools for the Journey of Self-Leadership

This Masterclass Series invites you to take yourself seriously, and start sharing your gifts with the world, wherever you are in your development. With great compassion, Mac demonstrates that self-leadership entails a relationship between inner healing and outer action. 

You’ll receive valuable tools to help find your gifts by facing your shadows, and are urged to simply start sharing that gift with the world. A New Earth needs all of us participating. 

In addition, this series offers insights on how to find your truth through reconnecting to nature; how to embrace both the suffering and the joy in the world; on finding your own indigenous wisdom and reconnecting to the magic of life; and on how to be right here, right now.

You can look forward to intimate storytelling, and powerful guidance on self-leadership.

Mac Macartney


  1. Meet Mac
  2. Start Anew with Self-Enquiry
  3. Welcome Your Shadow (wild dogs)
  4. Understand your Comfort Zone
  5. Become a True Leader
  6. The Three Questions to Ask Yourself
  7. Awaken with Deep Ecology 
  8. Take the Twin Trail of Leadership
  9. Reclaim your Indigenous Roots
  10. Reconnect with the Magic of Nature
  11. Trust in your Value
  12. Cultivate a Balanced Attitude
  13. Live by your own Authority

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