Bruce Parry

Meet Bruce Parry

His New Earth Story

Bruce’s New Earth story began with his adventures into nature as a youth. This was followed by extended journeys in Borneo, and then by visiting many tribes around the world. Yet his deeper awakening into the societal shift needed for us to live harmoniously came later, with a particular tribe, the Penan. “Ultimately, every other group of people I have ever met in my life, exists in societies of competition, hierarchy and ownership. The Penan, (and the tiny handful of other remaining egalitarian societies), do not.” This realization set Bruce on a path of spreading the message of peaceful egalitarianism as our roadmap to a New Earth.

His Work

Bruce became well known on British television for presenting two popular BBC series,’ Tribe and Arctic. He has been praised for his dedication to raising awareness of indigenous people’s rights and opening the general public’s eyes to diverse cultures and practices. More recently, he produced the film “Tawai, A Voice From The Forest,” a gentle, meditative movie with vital messages from the heart of nature.

“I have come to believe that the Penan are perceiving the world, and themselves within it, in a profoundly interconnected way – subtly expressed, perhaps, in their word tawai. It’s not that they themselves are different, of course, but it’s as if their sense of identity and perception of that which is around them, is more holistic and less atomised than other cultures I’ve met – and this, in turn, influences every aspect of their lives.”

The Masterclass Series

Indigenous Ways to Societal Healing

In this Masterclass Series, you’ll be introduced to the world of indigenous tribal culture, with two tribes especially offering inspiring examples for the New Earth we wish to create. In these egalitarian cultures, competition, violence and hierarchy simply doesn’t exist.

Bruce illustrates the core values that maintain a balanced society – at the heart of which is community, belonging, sharing, and the absence of powerplay. Women play a central role in maintaining this balance without excluding anyone. Embedded in these communities are profound healing rituals, which empower and re-connect people to themself, the earth and others.

Through Bruce’s passion and direct experience you will gain insight into bringing about transition without fighting the old. You’ll hopefully be inspired by the wisdom of these cultures, and find your own unique way to contribute to the New Earth through creating harmonious culture.

Bruce Parry


  1. Meet Bruce
  2. Learn from Indigenous Tribes to Create a New Earth
  3. Heal Trauma with Tribal Child Raising
  4. Heal Yourself: Healing Society
  5. Heal Yourself: Belonging to Community
  6. Create a Society of Joy: Egalitarian Culture
  7. Create Cultures of Peace: the Penan
  8. Create a New Paradigm: Feminine ‘Power’ & Decentralisation
  9. Maintain Community Balance with Non-Violent Interventions
  10. Begin Creating New Societal Narratives
  11. Begin to Make Societal Change ‘Within’
  12. Find New Ways to Connect Everyone

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