Johnny Azpilicueta

Meet Johnny Azpilicueta

His New Earth Story

Johnny is self taught; he studied as an audit student in several universities in Spain and the USA. He created his own curriculum of what he calls Design as a branch of Philosophy. Johnny started his career as an entrepreneur founding several companies where he worked mainly as a creative director, consultant and trainer. When at age 36 his main company ThinkSmart had over 100 employees, he dropped everything and retreated to a farm in Southern Spain to reconnect with himself and with nature. He has lived there very happily and simply ever since.

His Work

After working as consultant and trainer for large organisations, Johnny created Molino de Guadalmesí in 2004 as a learning space for community and sustainability. He also created an Ecocenter with an organic shop and restaurant, and a centre for yoga, meditation and alternative therapies that he ran for over 17 years. He has been working as a group facilitator, consultant and trainer.

Johnny has been offering workshops on his methodology Flowinout, and a large variety of topics related with the new paradigm for the past 20 years. These topics range from economy to conscious relationships, personal growth, dragon dreaming, ego development, permaculture, bioconstruction, and more. Johnny has been Master of Ceremony for several large conscious festivals, and practices rituals regularly to reconnect with the order of nature.

The Masterclass Series

Building Community with Living Systems Principles

If you’re interested in developing an in-depth understanding of the social dynamics underpinning community life, Johnny is your guide.

In this Masterclass Series, he takes you on a passionate exploration of holistic community design deeply embedded in the principles of living systems. Understanding the four universal principles (purpose, structure, flow, and feedback) inherent to all living systems, helps inform highly effective community designs.

Based on his own experience of living in community, Johnny offers holistic ways of seeing reality, overcoming differences, and understanding how we can best live together. You’ll discover innovative ways of managing resources, creating value through synergistic relationships, making food choices, and thinking about property ownership.

Drawing from theoretical frameworks such as Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and Gift Economies, Johnny offers simple exercises that help you and your group navigate, map and explore your life together.

Johnny Azpilicueta


  1. Meet Johnny
  2. Discover Molino de Guadalmesi
  3. Understand Gift Economy: Introduction
  4. Understand Gift Economy: Become the Gift
  5. Understand Gift Economy: Relationships
  6. Understand Gift Economy: Synergistic Value
  7. Create Healthy Community with Property & Legal Structures
  8. Bring Food to the Community Vision Table
  9. Improve your Community Design with Living Systems Principles
  10. Establish the Red Tape of a Project Vision
  11. Navigate the Life Cycles of your Community or Project
  12. Allow Evolution to Happen: Liminal Spaces
  13. Transcend Differences with Integral Theory
  14. Manifest your Dreams: Dragon Dreaming
  15. Create Community Connection: Dragon Dreaming
  16. Create Foundational Balance: the Material and Immaterial

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