Meet Jayaraja

His New Earth Story

Jayaraja had one of those unsettling, discomforting life calls. He was asked to meet something bigger to be in service to something that will stretch him beyond his knowledge, capacity and skills. The call was to take on the task of renovating a house in ruins. He felt inadequate to this task, and pondered why him?

Some threads through his life meet in this project; a love of community, of teams, play, of friendship, learning, the healing of nature and a knowledge that the very elements that he is made of belong not to him. What he most hopes to bring is to share the journey into our hearts, a depth of listening to communicate and receive with ourselves, each other and this very earth.

His Work

Jayaraja is a senior member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and has been teaching mindfulness for 30 years. He is the author of several books on play, communication and community building, he was the head of Fundraising for the Karuna Trust, and the Chair of Buddhafield.

He has travelled extensively sharing communication skills, and play in the slums of India, the favela’s in Brazil. He draws inspiration from the Buddha, Iain McGilchrist, Dan Siegel, Gestalt psychotherapy, poetry, trauma theory, from the trees and the moon, from failing and humiliation and the authenticity of young children.

The Masterclass Series

Resolving Conflict through Mindful Communication

A New Earth calls for new ways of responding to yourself and others. In this Masterclass Series, Jayaraja introduces you to Mindful Communication: a skill set which facilitates the shift in consciousness and the evolution of relationships required for the New Earth we envision.

Fostering a world that is in service to life, starts with developing quality connections with ourselves and others, where everyone’s needs matter, and where everyone’s life force energy is valued.

You will learn simple yet powerful techniques to respond to your emotional needs, honour your life force energy, create safe spaces, and to use conflict as a pathway towards unity, through the creation of a shared reality.



  1. Meet Jayaraja
  2. Cultivate Mindfulness with Meditation
  3. Rewire Your Mind to be in Service To Life
  4. Foster Connection by Valuing Human Needs
  5. Transform Judgement into Kinship
  6. Create a Practice of Serving Aliveness
  7. Use Conflict to Create Unity
  8. Make Skillful Requests (One)
  9. Make Skillful Requests (Two)
  10. Cultivate your Empathy
  11. Navigate through Trauma & Triggers
  12. Express Your Feelings Artfully
  13. Practise Mindful Communication – Demonstration

Meet more New Earth Experts

Experts with a real ‘New Earth Story’

All our experts are relatable and inspiring individuals, who made courageous choices to align with their true values and dreams.

Find out what they discovered and enjoy learning from their expertise.

Johnny Azpilicueta

Building Community with Living Systems Principles

Johnny created Molino de Guadalmesí in 2004 as a learning space for community and sustainability. He also created an Eco-center with an organic shop and restaurant, and a centre for yoga, meditation and alternative therapies that he ran for over 17 years.

Karen Aiyana Birch Profile

Karen Aiyana Birch

New Earth ways of living and being

Karen is a transformational program architect, facilitator, and healer. She led a professional regenerative coaching and facilitation course, created a Coherence Model for community building, and is the originator of The New Earth School.

Mac Macartney

Wisdom tools for the journey of self-leadership

Mac is an international speaker, writer, mentor, and change-maker. He is the founder of Embercombe (UK), a centre which seeks to explore and promote the profound regeneration of land, society, and people.