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Meet your New Earth Experts

All of our experts are educational leaders with unique expertise and inspiring ‘New Earth’ stories, i.e. they are actively involved with regenerative projects, experimenting with new ways of living that restore and connect people, nature, and place, or blazing a unique purpose-led path to support change-makers who are.

Find out what they discovered and enjoy learning from their expertise.

Global / Nomadic

Garra rrana

Living in Sacredness with Ceremonial Practices

Garra rrana infuses the gifts passed on by her ancestors. Guided by her grandmothers from Suriname and her connection with spirits, Garra rrana created tools and techniques based on ancient rituals.

Anne Chloe Profile

Anne-Chloé Destremau

Initiatory Processes for the Possibility of Evolution

Anne-Chloé is a leading trainer at Possibility Management, a personal development organisation that catalyses quantum shifts in our personal mindsets, relationships, and lives.


Simon Confino

Simon Confino

From i-Q to We-Q: Helping Groups Thrive

Simon focuses on the psychological health and effectiveness of teams and organisational cultures. Simon founded We-Q, a collaborative intelligence company.

Karen Aiyana Birch

Karen Aiyana Birch

New Earth Ways of Living and Being

Karen is a transformational program architect, facilitator, and healer. She led a professional regenerative coaching and facilitation course, and is the originator of The New Earth School.


Emilio Gilabert

Reversing Desertification with Permaculture

Emilio trained as a yoga teacher in India and used to organise meditation retreats. He now manages the Danyadara permaculture project, which is connected to Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia.

Johnny Azpilicueta

Building Community with Living Systems Principles

Johnny created Molino de Guadalmesí in 2004 as a learning space for community and sustainability. He also created an Eco-Center with organic shop, restaurant, holistic therapies for over 17 years.

United Kingdom

Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry

Indigenous Ways to Societal Healing

Bruce became well known on British TV for presenting two popular BBC series,’ Tribe and Arctic. He has been praised for his dedication to raising awareness of indigenous people’s rights.

Hans-Günther Kern

Food for the Soul: Biodynamic Gardening

Hans-Günther has been instrumental to setting up biodynamic working groups and Community Supported Agriculture projects in 6 countries on 2 continents.


Resolving Conflict through Mindful Communication

Jayaraja is a senior member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and has taught mindfulness for 30 years. He has authored several books on play, communication and community building.

Mac Macartney

Wisdom Tools for the Journey of Self-Leadership

Mac is an international speaker, writer, mentor, and change-maker. He is the founder of Embercombe (UK), a centre which promotes the regeneration of land, society, and people.

Thea May

Thea May

The Power of Voice to Catalyse Change

Thea May is the speaking guide for the new wave of soulful and inspiring communicators. She founded ‘Working With Voice’ in 2012, and is the co-creator of the Voice For Life Method.

Thomas Schorr-Kon

Rewilding Ourselves within the Natural World

Thomas has taught nature connection skills to thousands of students in many countries through his school Trackways. He is the author of two books and is currently writing two more.

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