Andalusia, Spain

Who they are

Danyadara (‘Blessed Earth’) is a non profit project working towards adapting to the desertification process of the farmland surrounding Suryalila Retreat Centre, in Cadiz, Spain.

Danyadara’s team creates models for repairing desertification and offers viable solutions by cultivating an abundant food forest. By generating healthy soil and providing a cost-effective model for local farmers to employ, the latter may reinvest in their farms.

They design and implement techniques with the potential to regenerate biodiversity on the soil. These comprehensive hands-on projects focus mainly on sustainable water management, waste management for compost creation, food production, and reforestation.

What they offer

Dandayara’s team offer a variety of hands-on courses with the aim of sharing experience and know-how as well as spreading and inspiring ideas that could contribute to a holistic approach to sustainable living.

Their courses are: Introduction to Permaculture, Permaculture Design Course (PDC), Water Retention Landscapes and Eco-building, Sustainable Living – Ecosystems.

They put a big emphasis on the need to collaborate with others in their endeavour. They work on fostering long-term partnerships aiming to a) access and make sustainable use of limited resources and b) leverage stronger capacities for action.

Being connected to Suryalila Retreat Centre, there is also opportunity for inner transformational experiences, with various Yoga retreats.

The Masterclass Series

Reversing Desertification with Permaculture

Emilio manages the Danyadara permaculture project. He is dedicated to Danyadara’s mission, to reverse desertification using permaculture principles and sustainable land management.

In this Masterclass Series, Emilio invites you to create a New Earth together, through the principles of permaculture. He shows us how to regenerate depleted soil, restore fertility and create life, using local and affordable techniques such as: decompacting compacted soil, using green manure, composting, and mulching.

Other permaculture wisdom you will attain includes: agroforestry, plant communities, seed production, growing crops, and medicinal plants.



  1. Meet Emilio
  2. Discover Danyadara Permaculture Farm
  3. Reverse Desertification through Fertilisation
  4. Regenerate the Soil for Seed
  5. Help Life to Thrive with ‘Lazy Compost’
  6. Protect the Soil with Mulching
  7. Cultivate Life with Green Manur
  8. Regenerate the Soil by Mimicking the Forest
  9. Create Biodiverse Ecosystems: Agroforestry
  10. Create Biodiverse Ecosystems: Fruit Tree Guilds
  11. Make a Medicinal Salad with Edible Flowers
  12. Prepare Seed Trays for Thriving Seedlings
  13. Be in Service to Seed Conservation for Future Life

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