Devon, United Kingdom

Who they are

Embercombe is a pioneering organisation dedicated to inspiring positive change in the world, offering powerful self-leadership, nature connection and rewilding programmes in a unique nature setting. Embercombe is a registered charity working in partnership with the earth and is located on a beautiful 50 acre rewilding estate on the edge of Dartmoor, in Devon UK. 

It is a place to find a deep connection with nature, to breathe, regenerate, to learn new skills and to explore the gifts you have to offer the world.

Embercombe runs various programmes, courses and events each year to help visitors connect to themselves, to nature and to community. Their emphasis is on inspiring people to live in close relationship with nature and co-creating a regenerative future. They apply this to everything they do, from the menu, the indoor and outdoor spaces, to the hosting they provide.

What they offer

For over 20 years Embercombe has run programmes, camps and events, close to the land and in the simplicity of nature, offering a unique blend of nature connection, rewilding, indigenous wisdom and ceremony, coaching, community and bodywork – and the space and natural environment that supports the work.

Their rewilding valley is also perfect for private events, eco retreats and workshops with a focus on community building, nature connection, inner reflection and wellbeing. 

The Masterclass Series

Wisdom Tools for the Journey of Self-Leadership

This Masterclass Series invites you to take yourself seriously, and start sharing your gifts with the world, wherever you are in your development. With great compassion, Mac demonstrates that self-leadership entails a relationship between inner healing and outer action.

You’ll receive valuable tools to help find your gifts by facing your shadows, and are urged to simply start sharing that gift with the world. A New Earth needs all of us participating.

In addition, this series offers insights on how to find your truth through reconnecting to nature; how to embrace both the suffering and the joy in the world; on finding your own indigenous wisdom and reconnecting to the magic of life; and on how to be right here, right now.

You can look forward to intimate storytelling, and powerful guidance on self-leadership.

Mac Macartney


  1. Introduction from Mac
  2. Start Anew with Self-Enquiry
  3. Awaken with Deep Ecology
  4. Understand your Comfort Zone
  5. Become a True Leader
  6. Welcome Your Shadow
  7. The Three Questions to Ask Yourself
  8. Take the Twin Trail of Leadership
  9. Reclaim your Indigenous Roots
  10. Reconnect with the Magic of Nature
  11. Attune to the Invisible Path
  12. Trust in your Value
  13. Cultivate a Balanced Attitude
  14. Live by your own Authority

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