Liminal Village

Liminal Village

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Who they are

Liminal Village is a co-living and co-creation eco-tech hub in the center of Italy. Acting as an incubator, temporary communities are formed and weaved with the aim of creating value for the world, by evolving individually and collectively.

Inspired by the concept of a Resource-Based Economy, Liminal, meaning “a place of transition” or “a place that occupies both sides”, is an embodied experimental ground where value-aligned people come together to co-create and experience the future they would like to see – one which aligns with nature and emphasizes the balance of personal, local and global needs.

We are developing a regenerative bioregional network together with other place-based hubs in central Italy, with the intention to catalyse and connect to other similar hub networks around the world. The golden thread of this socioeconomic network is “Integral Regeneration,” focusing on regenerative practices for the body, the spirit, the community and the planet.

What they offer

Liminal Village offers a unique experience, acting as a vessel, where people can (try their first) dive into the regenerative world.

We provide space and enabling structures to stimulate intrinsic motivation and encourage people to choose how to contribute – to themselves, the people and place around them, and to the planet.

We guide individuals and groups on their regenerative journeys by sharing experiences, providing personal tools, workshops and connecting them with our local and global regenerative network.

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