Molino de Guadalmesi

Molino de Guadalmesi

Cádiz, Spain

Who they are

Molino de Guadalmesi is a space for learning how to live in community in a simple, artistic, sustainable way. A place to learn about yourself, your relationship with others, about group dynamics, and nature.

It is a 5-hectare farm located right along the Guadalmesí river (the river of women) in the middle of a Natural Park surrounded by wild nature in the skirt of a mountain, 600m from the shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, only 14 km away from Africa.

With a semi tropical climate, it is the perfect place for nature connection and to grow food all year round. It was founded in 2004 and since then it has been a flowing evolving community where more than one thousand people from more than 25 countries have gone through deep personal transformation processes.

The project is run by a non-profit cooperative that runs Erasmus+ programs and has accommodation for up to 30 people.

What they offer

“El Molino” offers workshops and immersive learning experiences within all dimensions of the GAIA education mandala: ecology, social, economy, world vision and holistic.

People can learn hard and practical skills from hands-on farming, bioconstruction, permaculture, as well as soft skills like group facilitation, dragon dreaming, spiral dynamics, integral theory and flow-in-out. In el Molino you can also find a wide variety of ongoing artistic and spiritual activities, such as music circles, ecstatic dance, contact impro, various ceremonies and rituals.

It is possible to stay for shorter or longer immersive periods as a volunteer or to rent one of the forest cabins or yurts.

Molino outside terrace

The Masterclass Series

Building Community with Living Systems Principles

If you’re interested in developing an in-depth understanding of the social dynamics underpinning community life, Johnny is your guide.

In this Masterclass Series, he takes you on a passionate exploration of holistic community design deeply embedded in the principles of living systems. Understanding the four universal principles (purpose, structure, flow, and feedback) inherent to all living systems, helps inform highly effective community designs.

Based on his own experience of living in community at Molino de Guadalmesi, Johnny offers holistic ways of seeing reality, overcoming differences, and understanding how we can best live together. You’ll discover innovative ways of managing resources, creating value through synergistic relationships, making food choices, and thinking about property ownership.

Drawing from theoretical frameworks such as Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and Gift Economies, Johnny offers simple exercises that help you and your group navigate, map and explore your life together.

Johnny Azpilicueta


  1. Meet Johnny
  2. Discover Molino de Guadalmesi
  3. Understand Gift Economy: Introduction
  4. Understand Gift Economy: Become the Gift
  5. Understand Gift Economy: Relationships
  6. Understand Gift Economy: Synergistic Value
  7. Create Healthy Community with Property & Legal Structures
  8. Bring Food to the Community Vision Table
  9. Improve your Community Design with Living Systems Principles
  10. Establish the Red Tape of a Project Vision
  11. Navigate the Life Cycles of your Community or Project
  12. Allow Evolution to Happen: Liminal Spaces
  13. Transcend Differences with Integral Theory
  14. Manifest your Dreams: Dragon Dreaming
  15. Create Community Connection: Dragon Dreaming
  16. Create Foundational Balance: the Material and Immaterial

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